Friday, April 6, 2012

Mill Creek Review #3: Bride of the Gorilla.

I am back with another public domain movie, and like yesterday it is another ape themed movie. So I guess I should stop monkeying around…get it? Monkeying around and the movie is….sorry.

Bride of the Gorilla is an interesting film. The plot is kind of dumb.

On a remote rubber plantation  in South America, Barney Chavez (Raymond Burr) spends much time dodging work and visiting with the boss’s wife Dina (Barbara Payton) whom he tells he would like to take away from her husband. When her husband dies from mysterious causes Barney makes a play for Dina.

The house maid uses ancient magic to cast a spell on Barney.
I think I used to work with this guy.

Barney begins to change before his own eyes into a Gorilla and family physician Dr. Viet (Tom Conway) sees that the man is laboring under something he believes is poison. When investigating the rampage of a sukara (giant ape monster), local constable Taro (Lon Chaney, Jr.) realizes that Barney is disappearing at night coinciding with ravaging animal killings.

Barney suffers long lapses of memory loss, and continues to see himself as a Gorilla, which shakes his psychological foundation.

However, Burr and Chaney absolutely make this film.

Its an interesting cross roads for these two actors as Burr was about 5 years from starring and Perry Mason and Chaney was 12 years removed from being in Of Mice and Men.

So you get the Roberto Benigni in Pinnochio effect. A great actor who maybe is trying to follow up a great role, or in Burr’s case a great actor trying to gain that career defining role.

The movie is not great, but its not horrible either. would equate it to a very average episode of the Twilight Zone. Should you go out of your way to buy it? No, not at all. However if you are interested, and find it on youtube, go ahead and watch it.

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