Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Disney is crack!

So now that I have your attention for my first blog I figured I should explain myself. In July of 2010 my wife and I spent the day with her parents at Disney World.

As you can see, fun was had by all. The problem is that the 6 hours that we spent there was not enough for my wife and I we found ourselves wanting to see more than just the Magic Kingdom. We figured we should start planning and maybe we would be able to go in January. We threw it to the back of our minds and moved on with life.

But then came that damn enabler youtube. I started watching videos of rides, then shows, then started looking at websites dedicated to the Disney experience. I am not kidding you that by October, I had not only picked out the restaurants that we were going to go to, but I had personally picked out what I was going to be eating. I don't know if you've ever picked out a dinner three months in advance but its a little crazy.

Finally, this past January we took our first week long trip to Disney World. Everyone will tell you about the magic of Disney, and in future blogs I might talk about specific events that happened on this vacation, but needless to say, it was the most fun that I think I have had on any vacation in my life.

For Mindy it was a chance to see everything she had only heard about, and for me it was a chance to revisit a place that I had been several times over with my family, but never with as much freedom, never with this much knowledge and passion, and never for more than a few days. I returned home but still had that obsession in my head for a few months. We had to hide the Unofficial Guide, and the Complete Guide from me just to calm me down.

However in August we found one of the books again. Then the other showed up, the youtube videos started coming up whenever you would type the letter "d" into Firefox.  So of course, we are going back in January again. Yes we already have our trip planned, yes we already have our dinners booked, and while I don't have my specific meals picked out yet, I have them rounded down to a few choices. What can I say? I love Disney, and I am excited to go back. Besides, I can't find a good recipe for the Carrot Cake Cookie so where else am I going to get it?